Santa Cruz Pawn

765 Cedar St Ste 101, Santa Cruz CA


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Welcome to Santa Cruz Pawn 

Need to pay a bill? Just need a little extra cash? Bring in your new, used, broken, or mismatched gold, silver, and platinum jewelry and we'll pay you cash for it!

We buy general merchandise, including but not limited to: Consumer electronics, musical equipment, autographed memorabilia, etc..   We are always happy to take a look at what you have!

 If you are just looking to go shopping, the prices of our items can’t be beat! All of our general merchandise items are price negotiable!


Holiday Hours


Tuesday, January 1st - Closed

Monday, February 18th - Closed

Monday, May 27th - Closed

Thursday, July 4th - Closed

Monday, September 2nd - Closed

Thursday, October 31st - Closed at 3pm

Thurs- Sun, Nov 28th-30th - Closed

Wednesday, December 25th - Closed


Precious Metals

Gold, Silver, and Platinum!

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Consumer Electronics

Laptops, Cameras, Smart Phones, Tablets, etc…


Musical Equipment

Guitars, Basses, Amplifiers, Speakers, Microphones, etc..


And Much More!

Knives, Antiques, Watches, Sunglasses, etc…